Tunnel-chain Granitztal

The Granitztal tunnel chain is the second longest tunnel system of the Koralm Railway

Project description: 

The approximately 6 km long tunnel chain runs as part of the Koralm railway between the Lavant and Jauntal valleys. It consists of the tunnel Deutsch-Grutschen (2.6 km), the enclosure Granitztal (0.6 km) and the tunnel Langer Berg (2.9 km). It is designed as a twin-tube tunnel system with cross-cuts every 500 m. In the Granitz Valley area, the railway line will be constructed using the cut-and-cover method, whereby the Granitzbach stream will be bridged using a special construction method. A ventilation structure and a rescue access is also located in this area. In the final stage, the tunnel tubes will be backfilled.

GEODATA services:

We were commissioned by ÖBB Infra to carry out the geotechnical measurements and the control surveys. The scope of services includes the delivery of the geotechnical instrumentation and the execution of the measurements, including optical 3D displacement measurements. The scope of services also included the installation and operation of an online track monitoring system with automatic alarm in case of exceeding of alarm limits at Eis-Ruden station. The total length of the track system was 220 m with 4 tracks.


Location: Carinthia, Austria

Client: ÖBB Infrastruktur

Performance Period: since 2015