Karawankentunnel 2nd tube

New construction and refurbishment

Project description:

The single-tube Karawanken motorway tunnel through the Alpine Karawanken mountain range is part of the European TEN-V corridor between Slovenia and Austria and is undergoing a comprehensive expansion and modernisation programme. As part of this project, a second tunnel tube will be built and the existing tube will be rehabilitated. The Austrian section of the tunnel is 4.4 km long and was struck in 2018 and the construction lot limit was reached on 23 September 2021, while the remaining 3.6 km section of the tunnel is in Slovenia and excavation only started in August 2020. Breakthrough is scheduled for 2023. Both tubes and the cross-cuts to the existing tube will be driven by blasting according to the NÖT.

GEODATA services:

On the Austrian side, Geodata has been commissioned with the complete construction and heading survey and the supply of the marking material for the 3D displacement measurements and the geotechnical instrumentation. For the Slovenian section, Geodata is supplying and installing the geotechnical instrumentation and operating the KRONOS tunnel information system.


Location: Carinthia, Austria Sclovenia

Owner/Client: ASFINAG (Austria); DARS (Slovenia)
Swietelsky Tunnel Construction (Austria);
Geoportal, Geotocka (Slovenia)

Performance period: since 2018