Metro Copenhagen

Alarming and reporting of several thousand sensors

Project description: 

The expansion of Copenhagen’s rail network is an important contribution to improving the infrastructure and development of the metropolitan region. The underground rapid transit system will connect the Danish Parliament, City Hall, important national monuments and other central areas of the city. In addition, the ring line will connect Copenhagen Central Station to the city’s metro network.


The Cityringen project creates a new ring line in the city center and consists of two 17.4 km long tunnels and 17 new train stations (two of which are transfer stations), all 30 m underground. From a technical viewpoint, the project is extremely complex because the city is at sea level. Tunnelling will be carried out by TBM. For the connection to the operation and maintenance center, tunnels will be constructed using the open construction method.

Nordavnen extension:
The extension consists of two TBM tunnels with a length of 1.8 km and 1.6 km, a rescue and ventilation shaft as well as an underground and an above-ground station.

Sydhavnen extension:
The two 4.4 km long tunnel tubes will be driven with two EPB shield machines. Along the route, 5 new underground station structures will be erected.

GEODATA services:

Our Danish JV company SMT Denmark ApS was commissioned to carry out the entire geotechnical monitoring for the Cityringen project and the Nordhavnen extension. The scope of services includes the supply and installation of the geotechnical installation equipment with data acquisition and measurement, levelling and 3D displacement measurements (mainly with automatic total stations) as well as sound and vibration measurements. Particularly noteworthy is the implementation of our tunnel information system KRONOS, which handles the entire data management, processing and visualization, alarming and reporting of several thousand sensors.

The successful use of KRONOS is the reason why Geodata was directly commissioned by the client to operate the tunnel information system for the Südhavnen extension.


Location: Copenhagen; Denmark

Client: Metroselskabet I/S

Client: Copenhagen Metro Team I/S (Cityringen)/
MetNord JV (Cityringen – Branch off to Nordhavnen)/Metroselskabet I/S (Extension to Sydhavnen)

Performance period: since 2011