GeodataHub KRONOS


Secure Smart Monitoring

The GeodataHub KRONOS platform is a user-friendly, highly flexible solution that makes it possible to seamlessly integrate data that is often collected by a large number of different sensors. This is done while maintaining the highest standards of quality and data security.
With an impressive range of tools and interfaces, KRONOS offers the ability to collect, harmonize, structure, process, analyze and visualize observation data in real time. The fail-safe system is available to users 24/7, regardless of location, both on mobile devices and on the desktop.

KRONOS focuses primarily on the effective collection, integration and processing of data from diverse disciplines, including geomonitoring, geotechnics, geodesy, geophysics, hydrology, environmental monitoring, civil engineering and geology.
The information obtained through advanced algorithms can be used extensively in the planning, construction and operation of infrastructure such as tunnels, mines, open-cast mines, dams and bridges, as well as in natural disaster management projects.


KRONOS offers comprehensive functionality specifically designed to meet the needs of project managers, project owners, domain experts and other project stakeholders working with sensor data.
KRONOS is suitable for small projects as well as for extensive large-scale projects with thousands of sensors. No matter what type of project you want to undertake, KRONOS grows with you and provides you with the necessary features and tools to make your work effective and successful.



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Highlights KRONOS

Smart data structure

KRONOS recommends itself as a secure, constantly available and easy-to-use integrated IoT platform for all available sensor, process, product and machine data from various sources. Another strength lies in the role-based and individually configurable authorization system

Monitoring of data collection

The system offers comprehensive control options through the automated monitoring of sensors, loggers and measuring points. Notification is given, for example, when the battery level of a logger is low.

Data integration

The strength of KRONOS lies in the automated collection, checking and consolidation of all relevant data. This enables their effective and efficient processing into reliable, clearly presented and useful information.

Optimal Overview

The individually configurable dashboards and widgets provide an optimal overview and enable the saving of valuable time. Designed diagrams, tables and map views with GIS functionality are available to the user for this purpose.

Automated system messages

Alarm rules can be defined very flexibly to ensure timely notification in the event of limit value violations or malfunctions. This enables a quick response and minimizes potential downtime.

Error minimisation

Centralized and unified management of data and users can help minimize errors. It is essential that all systems and applications can access and use the same information consistently.
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Target Groups

GeodataHub KRONOS offers comprehensive functionality specifically designed to meet your needs.

Construction Companies

You are on the side of the construction executing company and want to fulfill the tender specifications with the lowest possible costs and effort? To do so, you need monitoring solutions with high cybersecurity and data protection that warn of real risks, are easy to use and flexible, and quickly offer individual customization options! With GeodataHub Kronos you make the right choice!

Installer or Operator of an Infrastructure Project

You represent the builder or operator of an infrastructure project or are a representative of the authorities and compliance with standards, specifications and the state of the art is important to you? Furthermore, you are responsible for the adherence to the time and cost schedule, the planning specifications, and for the least possible impact on residents and the environment? With efficient monitoring software that provides role-based data access to all relevant measurement data regardless of your location and end device, you will always be at the cutting edge of information! GeodataHub Kronos is your solution!

Engineering Consultants

You are involved in the planning of construction projects at an engineering office, you work as a consultant or in construction supervision and want to know whether your specifications are implemented accordingly and whether the forecasts made correspond to reality? Only a modern monitoring software with freely selectable and clear visualization guarantees that you are at any time at the current state of knowledge about type and number of measuring points, measuring data, measuring frequencies and quality of the results and enables you so an effective control and the examination of a contract-conformal conversion of the measuring program! GeodataHub Kronos is your suitable tool!

Natural Hazards

You are confronted with natural hazards as an affected or responsible party and need to be informed about risks and potential hazardous situations at any time and any place? Then you need reliable and easily interpretable monitoring data and rapid alerts in case of limit value exceedances of the relevant measurement data! With GeodataHub Kronos you are on the safe side!

Provider of Monitoring Services

You are a provider of monitoring services and need a platform that allows you to integrate the sensors of your choice, is easy to configure and operate, and meets the requirements of your contract? The use of a modern monitoring software with low training effort, good support, constant availability and low time expenditure due to a high degree of automation as well as scalable licensing depending on the project size contributes to your economic success! With GeodataHub Kronos you have the costs under control!

Mining Company

Are you responsible in a mining operation for the economic and safe extraction of your raw material in compliance with all relevant legal and official rules and requirements? If it is your concern to minimize the impact on the environment and local residents and to exclude hazards, you need a powerful monitoring software that can be optimally adapted to your individual conditions! With GeodataHub Kronos your mining will have a safe future!